Leaders are Restless and are Ladders for others. There are Many Windows to Work for Welfare of Human beings and others. In addition to Seed Business Western Agri Seeds Ltd is also in Frontline in Educational and Charitable Activities.

Educational and Charitable Activities:

1.WASL runs Anant Harsh Bhagvandas Memorial Trust at native place of Mr. N.P.Patel, Juna Manka, Harij (Patan), which deals with educational activities up to higher secondary level.
2.WASL runs Sardar Patel, Kanya Kelavni Mandal, Gandhinagar.
3.WASL sponsors/awards Gold Medal to the out standing student, who has graduated from college of Agriculture, Junagadh.
4.To promote agricultural research and to motivate agricultural scientists, WASL honours and awards SARDAR KRISHI RATNA AWARD to the scientists.
5.To encourage farmers for progressive and economic farming and new innovations, WASL honours and awards SARDAR KRISHI RATNA AWARD to the farmers.
6.WASL provides facilities for practical training on seed production, seed processing and marketing to the students of Agrucluture faculty and Business management (Agri.) faculty of SAUs of Gujarat.
7.WASL provides practical training on research, seed production and seed processing to the students of BARS of NGOs in Gujarat.
8.WASL manages/runs Param Pujya Pragdas Bapani Ramwadi at Junagadh, and provides free accommodation to the needy students of college of Agriculture, Junagadh (Gujarat).
9.WASL runs Param Pujya Pragdas Bapani Ramwadi Annaksetra Trust at Junagadh, and provides food to needy people around the year, and also provides accommodation and food to pilgrims during SHIVRATRI MELA.
10.WASL sponsors three awards ‘Western Agri Samaj Gaurav Sanman’ to Agricultural Scientist/Technician for innovation in Agriculture.


1) WASL participates in Agricultural Fairs organised by Government of Gujarat during Krushi Mahotsav every year since 2005.
2) WASL also participates in Agricultural Fairs organised by NGOs and religious trusts in Gujarat.
3) WASL also participates in Agricultural Fairs in neighboring states Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhatishgadh.
4) WASL organises tours of seed production organisers, seed distributors/dealers, and employees in the country and abroad.
5) WASL publishes “KRUSHI KARM” magazine quarterly in vernacular language.
6) WASL publishes weekly magazine ‘JAN HITAY’ illustrating important events.
7) Produced Agricultural Tele film ‘TARANHAR’ in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and Telagu.